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Here's what clients have to say:

“I needed to rebuild my wardrobe from the ground up, and Michele proved to be a decisive professional with a deep knowledge of fit, fabric, function, style and comfort. She knew many brands and clothing lines and without hesitation, zeroed in on the best of each store and found the right pieces for my lifestyle and body! Her personality is that rare combination of fun, flexible, quick and creative! Michele was comfortable with my budget, which I appreciated most of all. Whether you love shopping for clothes or hate it, she will make your shopping time more productive. I would recommend her unconditionally!”
— Holly, Pelham, N.Y.


“Michele has a brilliant eye for fit and fashion which she turned on my overstuffed closet. We tried on everything and at the end of the afternoon, my clothes were organized and there were 4 big bags for the Salvation Army. She identified holes in my wardrobe and items I should look for to flesh out what I already had. She’s found great clothes for me that I would have passed right by on the rack. I wore a dress she chose to my 40th birthday party and I have never gotten as many compliments in my life — ever. Michele is the friend in the fashion industry you always wished you had who will help you identify the shapes and colors that work best on you. She will fortify you with tips and tricks to help you look more stylish and feel more attractive. I highly recommend her services to anyone who knows deep down that they can do better than that!”
— Tracey, Pelham, N.Y.

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