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Initial Consult: Before shopping we will have a closet review. Let’s see what works from what you already own and what does not. Let’s approach what you own with a fresh point of view and discover new figure flattering looks. I will also explain why the clothes we choose to discard do not work for you. It is always my goal to maximize what you already have.


Shopping: There is no minimum purchase required. During this step, you become acquainted with current fashion and styles and really hone in on what is out there and more importantly... what works best for you. We can translate body shapes and flattering pieces into any price point: we can do all couture, mix couture/expensive with more moderately priced items, or put together a complete moderately priced wardrobe and still maintain a pulled together, up-to-date look.


Additional Services:


Corporate Image Consultation: Take your career to the next level when you look the part.


Relocation Consultation: Why move the clothes that don't work? Lets edit your wardrobe and pack what works.


Pre Shopping: You create a list of desires. I do the leg work and put them aside for you to try on at your leisure.


If it is a special event, and you would like help getting ready, the YCDBTT services are also available. Please contact me for more information.

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